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Strawberry Reversible Toy

Strawberry Reversible Toy

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This sensational toy is twofold: it transforms from a beautiful flower into a luscious strawberry! Kids learn first-hand how Mother Nature produces fruit: from a flower blossoming with assistance from buzzing bees in the process of pollination.

  • This toy is suitable for little girls and little boys.
  • Handmade with crochet.
  • 100% organic cotton.
  • This is an educational, original, sustainable and fair gift!
  • For ages 0+ years.
  • Size : 15*9*9 cm (fruit side) 15*21*21 cm (flower side)

Material :

  • outside, 100% organic cotton
  • inside, 100% flower cotton

Care instructions : machine washable (30°)

Did you know? The strawberry season is between late march and june, and some varieties continue to supply the market all summer. Then the reflowering variety take over until november.

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