RUSTIC FRENCH HOME is a boutique for those who love the elegance of a chic French home and the beauty of the European countryside.

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Couleur Nature

Couleur Nature comprises a collection of elegant table linens designed to reflect the idyllic landscapes, sumptuous colors, and natural beauty of Southern France.

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luxury perfume, lotion, soap, and more!


Inspired by natural resources and Mediterranean know-how, Panier des Sens takes the best that Provence has to offer to develop natural, simple and authentic products. 

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Veggy Toys inspired by Nature


Toys inspired by Nature to raise awareness on Nature and food. Rattles, music boxes, reversible soft toys shaped fruits and vegetables ... Quality toys that cater to girls and boys, for intelligent and committed education.

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    What started Rustic French Home? It all started with one Mom's dream with owning her own business that reflected her love of FRENCH design, while incorporating her love of RUSTIC decor.


    Host your book club or workshop with us! Our convenient location in Miami Shores and remote availability make us the perfect choice. Get in touch to discuss the details!


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