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Beige Striped Turnip Comforter "blankie"

Beige Striped Turnip Comforter "blankie"

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This baby-friendly, organic-cotton, turnip-shaped toy is perfect for every birth celebration! It helps educate little ones on the wonders of nature and the joys of healthy eating.

This is an original, sustainable and fair birth gift!

For ages 0+ year.

Size : 30*6*6 cm

Material :

  • outside, 100% organic cotton
  • inside, 100% flower cotton - double gauze 100% organic cotton

Care instructions : machine washable (30°)

Did you know ? The jack-o'-lantern pumpkins traditionally lit during the night halloween, were originally turnips. Tradition turnip comes from a irish tale and was replaced by the famous orange gourd in the nineteenth.

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